Front Desk’s goal has always been to produce high-quality and cost-effective films that meet the client’s needs, budget and schedule. We are always searching for fresh ideas and ways to implement them in such a way that makes the client’s needs and wishes come to life.

We take great pride in the Front Desk quarantee. We always provide clients with truly transparent book keeping. When we budget for something it is really a premilinary estimate, only the mark up and directors fee are locked. After each production, we deliver a full reconcilliation of the actual costs with copies of original invoices and receipts that make it easy and quick to audit. Front Desk returns the possible left over money for the client. The main idea behind it is really simple, you only pay for what you bought. Our clients will benefit directly from the deals and discounts that Front Desk has made with its sub-contractors over the years. When you buy a lot, you usually save a lot.